2020 Spring Performance Portal

Tickets go on sale on April 18th, 2020 @ 9:00 am.
Tickets are $22 (pre-order)*

Tickets will be available for purchase online through Dance Recital Ticketing starting April 18th, 9:00AM for $22, and will be sold online for $22 until Friday May 1st 11:59pm for the May 2nd 2:00pm show and will be sold online until Saturday May 2nd until 11:59pm for the Sunday May 3rd 2:00pm show.


Any Tickets purchased the day of the show will still be available for purchase online but will be $25.


Lap children 4 and under are Free but must remain on a lap the entire show.


All patrons who occupy a seat must purchase a ticket as it is reserved seating. 

All tickets are Reserved Seating and are non-refundable. Please make sure you know what day your child is performing before purchasing tickets as there will be no refunds or exchanges done through Studio A or through Dance Recital Ticketing. (Dancers in Broadway Babies, Broadway Stars, Blossoming Ballerinas, Hippety Hoppin’ Kids, Triple Threat, and Primary Ballet are in ONE Show. All other dancers including Grey and Purple Dance Teams are performing in both shows. Please see Rehearsal Schedule and Show Orders for the Date of the show your child is performing in.) 

Doors will open to the theater at 1:30pm on May 2nd and May 3rd. We ask that you please wait in the lobby until the theater doors open since all seats are reserved.

You must have a Printed Ticket or Mobile Ticket to present at the door to be scanned by our Ticket Scanner Volunteers. MOBILE TICKETS will be available to be scanned at the door. 

Purchase Dancer Shout-outs and Videos Here!

Rehearsal &

Performance Schedule

Show Assignments
SHOW 1 - Saturday May 2nd, 2:00pm 

(These Classes are in Show 1 ONLY.)

  • Mon. 4:15-5:00pm Blossoming Ballerinas

  • Tue. 4:30-5:00pm Broadway Babies

  • Tue. 5:15-6:00pm Primary Ballet

  • Wed. 4:00-4:45pm Broadway Stars

  • Wed. 4:45-5:45pm Triple Threat


SHOW 2 - Sunday May 3rd, 2:00pm

(These Classes are in Show 2 ONLY.)

  • Mon. 5:00-5:45pm Hippety Hoppin' Kids

  • Sat. 9:00-9:45am Broadway Stars

  • Sat. 9:45-10:15am Broadway Babies

  • Sat. 10:30-11:15am Blossoming Ballerinas

  • Sat. 10:30-11:30am Triple Threat



Schedule for April 27th-May 2nd


Mon. April 27th

Run-Through Rehearsal at Studio A Dance & Performing Arts - Dancers Ages 7 & Up - 5:30-7:30pm (Wear Regular Dance clothes and bring water bottles.)

Tues. April 28th

Picture Day at Studio A - Solo, Duo, and Trio Pictures, No Group Pictures (See Picture Day Schedule for times.)


Wed. April 29th

Finale Rehearsal at Studio A Dance & Performing Arts (Wear Regular Dance clothes.)

  • 4:30-4:45pm - Mon. Blossoming Ballerinas, Tue. Broadway Babies, Wed. Broadway Stars

  • 4:45-5:00pm - Sat. Blossoming Ballerinas, Sat. Broadway Babies, Sat. Broadway Stars

  • 5:00-5:45pm - SHOW 1 - Dancers Ages 7 & Up, Wed. Triple Threat, and Primary Ballet

  • 5:45-6:30pm - SHOW 2 - Dancers Ages 7 & Up, Sat. Triple Threat, and Hippety Hoppin' Kids


Thur. April 30th

Dress Rehearsal Show 1  at Ethel Walker Ferguson Theatre - 5:30-8:30pm

(Full Costume, Make-up & Hair. Please arrive in Bows/Finale T-Shirt & Solid Black Leggings.)


Fri. May 1st

Dress Rehearsal Show 2 at Ethel Walker Ferguson Theatre - 5:30-8:30pm

(Full Costume, Make-up & Hair. Please arrive in Bows/Finale T-Shirt & Solid Black Leggings.)


Sat. May 2nd

Spring Performance Show 1, dancers arrive at 12:45pm, Performance at 2:00pm

(Full Costume, Make-up & Hair, Arrive in Costume.)

Sun. May 3rd

Spring Performance Show 2, dancers arrive at 12:45pm, Performance at 2:00pm

(Full Costume, Make-up & Hair, Arrive in Costume.)



Costume Checklists & Show Orders

Click the buttons below to see complete show order and costume checklist for each class.

  • Shoes for each class will be the same as the style class your child takes. For instance, for all ballet classes, dancers will wear pink ballet shoes. All Jazz classes should wear caramel slip-on split sole jazz shoes, no shoelaces. If you are unsure of the shoes, please ask Miss Ann

  • Costume straps and pants’ lengths may need to be altered. Please make sure you have all pieces with you for Dress Rehearsals/Performances.

  • Tights will be worn for all dance pieces your child is in and each class’ tights were placed in each costume garment bag. Please make sure to wear these tights and NO other tights for Dress Rehearsal and Performances.

  • NO Underwear may be worn under costumes for ALL dancers, ages 2 and up. They can be seen under the stage lights and can cause bulky lines under costumes.

  • NO JEWELRY may be worn except small stud earrings.


Picture Day


Picture Day, Tue. April 28th

  • Hair can be worn to your choosing. Hairstyles must be neat and hairspray and bobby pins should be used. Hair ties MUST be in your dancer's hair color, Blonde, Brown, Auburn, or Black.

  • Only Solos, Duos, and Trios will be taken, No Group pictures. 

  • Light Make-up suggested for ALL Dancers. 

  • NO Underwear should be worn under costumes.

  • NO Personal Pictures of any kind may be taken in the studio where the Photographer is set up while pictures are taken.

  • A website link will be sent out to all Families to view your pictures and purchase after Picture Day.


Picture Day Schedule - Tue. April 28th

4:00pm - Tue. And Sat. Broadway Babies

4:15pm - Tue. Primary Ballet

4:25pm - Mon. Blossoming Ballerinas

4:35pm - Sat. Blossoming Ballerinas

4:45pm - Wed. Broadway Stars

5:00pm - Sat. Broadway Stars

5:15pm - Sat. Triple Threat Ballet

5:25pm - Wed. Triple Threat Ballet

5:35pm - Sat. Triple Threat Tap

5:50pm - Wed. Triple Threat Tap

6:00pm - Mon. Hippety Hoppin' Kids

6:10pm - Wed. Tap & Jazz BOYS

6:20pm - Mon. Ballet A

6:30pm - Thur. Hip-Hop BOYS

6:40pm - Mon. Jazz/Hip-Hop A (Jazz Costume)

6:50pm - Thur. Ballet B and Thur. Ballet C

7:00pm - Fri. Acro 1

7:10pm - Mon. Jazz/Hip-Hop A (Hip-Hop Costume)

7:20pm - Thur. Jazz A

7:30pm - Father/Daughter

7:40pm - Mon. Jazz/Hip-Hop B (Hip-Hop Costume)

7:50pm - Thur. Ballet A

8:00pm - Mon. Jazz/Hip-Hop C (Jazz Costume)

8:15pm - Wed. Tap A

8:20pm - Wed. Tap B/C

8:25pm - Mon. Acro 2

8:35pm - Mon. Jazz/Hip-Hop C (Hip-Hop Costume)

8:45pm - Mon. Jazz/Hip-Hop B (Jazz Costume)

8:55pm - Tue. Ballet C and Tue. Mod/Cont. B/C


Finale Info

Ages 2-4 Finale is BEFORE intermission. 

Ages 5 & Up Finale is at the END OF THE SHOW.


  • FINALE T-Shirt

  • Solid black leggings (Capri or ankle length)


  • Ages 2-6 must wear pink ballet shoes.

  • Primary Ballet and Ballet A should wear their pink Ballet Shoes.

  • Dancers who take Jazz/Hip-Hop and/or Modern/Contemporary should wear caramel jazz shoes.

Dismissal Guidelines

Intermission Dismissal


Broadway Babies, Broadway Stars, and Blossoming Ballerinas dancers MUST be picked up backstage.


Please come backstage and pick up your child in their dressing room. They may sit with you out in the audience to watch the remainder of the show. They may sit on your lap for FREE as LAP children 4 and under are free, however, if you wish for them to sit in a seat, you must purchase a ticket for them. You may leave during intermission if you wish, as they are not in ACT 2.

Only those dancers in Broadway Babies may go sit out in the audience with an adult right after their dance piece is performed.


If you wish to bring your Broadway Babies dancer out in the audience right after their dance piece is performed, you must stay with them from the beginning of the show, watch from the stage wings, and then bring them to their dressing room area to change out of costume and in their solid black leggings, Finale T-shirt and Ballet shoes.


If you intend on having them sit in a seat, a ticket must be purchased for a seat, otherwise they may sit on your lap for free.


Please report backstage 2 dance pieces before the end of ACT 1 to line up and be ready for Finale/Bows before Intermission.

END of the Show Dismissal


Dancers in Triple Threat, Primary Ballet, and Hippety Hoppin’ Kids MUST be picked up ON STAGE by a parent.


The Curtain will be closed after Finale so parents are asked to come backstage to pick up their child.


No Child may exit off the front of the stage. Thank you.


For younger dancers, please pack activities for them to do backstage to keep them occupied while waiting for their piece to go on stage.


***Any snacks should be peanut-free please and please bring water to drink.


Hair & Makeup Guidelines

Hair Guidelines


  • Ages 2-6
    Hair in a ponytail
    *Except Primary Ballet classes hair in a Bun.


  • Ages 7 & Up in Levels A, B, B/C, & C
    Hair in a Bun with hair net and bobby pins.

All hair elastics, hair nets, and bobby pins need to be in the shade of your child’s hair color. No bright colored hair elastics.


All hair needs to be sprayed back with hairspray



Make-Up Guidelines

Make-Up for Dress Rehearsal and Performances should be more exaggerated than normal everyday make-up and should include powder, blush, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick.

Backstage Guidelines

Thank you for an amazing season and good luck on stage!

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